Manage the exponential power of nature and money ...
to do better with less.

E2 Management Corporation or E2M is a research-based niche management
consultancy whose experiences and expertise spans the globe.

E2M was incorporated in 1987, acquiring the foundation of an existing consulting firm. We merged over 25 years of business experience with ecology.
We have helped entrepreneurs, multi-nationals, governments, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations and small businesses strive to do better with less.

Between our principals and primary network we have well over a century of
knowledge, skills and the drive to deliver on a job well done.

Our focus is on

"the relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions that promote
innovation and enhance productivity."

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E2M is pleased to announce
the launch of
and GFTG TV. We are
honoured to be a founding
partner of this initiative to
help small business go
green. Join us in this
important venture.

Going for the Green