If your organization truly wants to define its niche in the future now,
E2M is the consultancy of choice.

E2M has provided service to:

  • single private sector clients, in start-up situations and for well
    established multi-nationals.
  • multi-stakeholder organizations, networks and clusters,
    working towards a common goal, leveraging resources.
  • educational institutions, including the creation of a new centre
    of excellence, with national and international presence.
  • professional associations to establish curricula to enhance
    professional standing and understanding of sustainability.
  • governments and governance bodies at the local, provincial,
    national and international levels on technical issues, policy and
  • non-governmental bodies to help influence policy, develop
    standards and communicate innovative approaches.

E2M has specific private sector experience covering:

  • manufacturing
  • packaging
  • forestry
  • pulp and paper
  • financial institutions
  • chemicals
  • oil and gas
  • food and beverage
North America,
Europe, Asia,
South America,

Much of our consulting work is done
under confidentiality agreements.
Some of our work has resulted in its own
corporate or unique project entity.
E2M often works quietly behind the
scenes so that our clients are the centre
of attention for success.