Executive Coaching

Regardless of where you are on the ladder of success...

If you are not confident about your knowledge of sustainability, E2M's President, Lynn Johannson, is the
person to call. She is confident in her delivery, with both depth of knowledgeable and a breadth of
experience, and topped with a great sense of humour. All important features of a great coach. Even the most
serious of topics is made more memorable with humour. (Science has proven the value of laughter.)

Increasingly, heads of corporations or government departments and senior management in both private and
public sector organizations are expected to show leadership in the area.

It is easy to differentiate those who have a solid understanding and are able to apply this to their business or
field. It is also painfully obvious when someone is reading from briefing notes prepared by someone else. It
is easy to be hung by the devil in the detail.


"[The result] exceeds our expectations and both Simon and I appreciate your help -- I owe you one Lynn!"

Lynn Johannson has been a pioneer in sustainability management consulting, education and training, and has
successfully provided these services around the globe. As the world grows smaller, the need for international
expertise in environmentally sound practices is increasing rapidly. Lynn Johannson is ranked tops in defining and
teaching sound sustainability practices for businesses, executives and consumers, and are among the few whose
insights are based on experience around the globe. Leanne Tobias Principal Malachite LL

Are you responsible for greening your organization?

Feeling exposed because you don't have a clear vision of what sustainability means
for your organization?

Have you just been given responsibility for greening operations and feel the weight
of the world in your hands?

Are you just responding to one crisis after another? Need help?

Or, do you want to carve out a niche for your business?