Environmental Management Systems (EMS):
Finding common ground in a standardized approach - ISO 14001.

Business today is not just about selling a product or service to a customer around
the corner. We no longer operate in remote villages with no outside contact, we are
part of a global village. You need to be aware of the increasing interest in the global
market for a common set of rules that enable better management control of the
impacts of your business on the environment.

One approach is to frame your management control using a voluntary management
system standard referred to as ISO 14001. Your adoption of ISO 14001 may be
based on an ongoing process for self-improvement or, driven by market conditions.
To ensure internal benefits your adoption must be aligned with your business
process and culture, not driven by a generic template. A cardinal error in
implementation is when outsiders fail to understand your core business process.

The standard can be used in part or in whole to help you enhance management
control. To gain external recognition you need to demonstrate the existence of a
robust and credible system. You have four recognized options. One is not better
than the other. The market can help you decide which is best for you.

E2M has been involved in the adoption and diffusion of EMS and the development of
ISO 14001 since 1993. We were invited because of our experience in applying
quality management philosophy, principles and process to the environmental
management dating back to the mid 1980s. Lynn Johannson, President of E2M, has
held an influential role for Canada in the international negotiations process for these
standards since 1997.

The Canadian Dialogue
on ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

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