Linking Innovation and Behaviour Change


One action can cause positive reaction. We live in a world where change is
constant. To ensure a quality of life we need to innovate.

Innovation starts with an idea. We need to visualize how to become
sustainable in all things we do or have. Success will result from converting
ideas, novel thinking into action through changes in our behaviour.
What better place than to start than with kids.

The Annual Conservation Video Contest, which ran for ten years, was a
learning challenge sent as a dare to all students and teachers from
kindergarten to finishing school across Canada. The contest process is being
redesigned with a broader mandate and more entities are joining our ten year
base of sponsors and supporters.

Students, Teachers and Schools Sponsors and Supporters
Knowing what to do, and
having the skills to do it,
is pointless unless you
are willing to do it.

What will you do
to make a difference?

What's your just one


Glassworks started in 1995 as a communication process to support recycling of
container glass in Canada. While its industry support ended in 2001, E2M maintains
the connection to allow stakeholders to access information on recycling and to link
commercial requests for new glass containers and for recycling opportunities for
containers wanting to remain in the remanufacturing loop.

Teachers and Students can still visit Kids Net re-oriented onto E2M's website.
Glassworks was the original host for the Annual Conservation Video Contest. As the
contest evolves into the Envirommercial© process, it will become independent from