We are believers in the value of managing for a quality of growth.

Our top three reasons why.

One: There is an abundance of evidence that continual improvement of your
business process improves quality, which in turn enhances productivity.
The net result -- a better bottom line.

Two: To err is human. But to repeat the mistake over and over again can be the
source of economic inefficiency and a root cause of environmental damage.
So much waste of any kind could be avoided with thinking, discerning opportunities,
and taking appropriate steps based on a smart plan and action.

Three: The origin of quality management was rooted in the study of how nature
manages variance. The grafting of quality and ecology was by design, not

There are four system conditions needed for quality.
They are interdependent. They cannot be separated, nor used in isolation.

Confluence management is a term E2M coined to articulate a joining of two or
more business systems for synergy. Understandably for the players involved, the
costs and returns are shared. Part of the work involved in developing
confluence opportunities is the creation of new brands or co-branding.

Niche opportunities exist especially in a market where outsourcing is becoming a
more efficient and profitable way to manage a business process. Identifying where
these opportunities lie requires discernment.

System conditions
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