Buying green is not just about products and services ...
It's also how to buy to gain value and avoid risk.
Green Procurement is a strategic opportunity to prevent environmental
problems from entering your product, process or service.
Yet, this is still a
misunderstood, misused, and misapplied opportunity. Green procurement policies have
been around for about 15 to 20 years, yet most serve as great dust collectors on the
shelf. A classic move is to focus on marginal price differentials granted for 'eco-products'
or those with recycled content. While this approach is not always without benefit, it
misses the far greater opportunities that exist to optimize business process and
eliminate costs from your organization.

Some key points for you to consider:

  • There is a huge difference between the price of a product
    or service and the cost of using it. Up to 70% of the
    environmental and economic costs are in design.
    If you don't consider environmental attributes up front
    then you are willingly bringing the problem, or inherent
    inefficiency, into your organization.
  • Demanding recycled content can be, but may not always be,
    a step forward.
  • Not all suppliers are the same. Size is not the only
    characteristic that matters.
  • Too often the real benefits from green procurement are not realized.
Getting full value from the opportunity that exists requires both knowledge and skills
combining procurement and ecological backgrounds. E2M's team has a unique blend of both.
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