Green Productivity (GP)
for simultaneously enhancing productivity and environmental performance.

Envision Green Productivity as an umbrella, whose flexible framework is
given strength and shape by a systems approach, with processes and over
80 different tools and techniques.

Productivity started as a cost-reduction strategy. By picking up the baton of
quality, an organization can leverage innovative, systems thinking to optimize use
of all its resources. This metamorphosis may result in a newly branded entity.
Green Productivity enables a larger entity with an existing formal architecture to
optimize its business system, proving its value in boardrooms.

However, the universality of its application should not be underestimated.
Green Productivity also enables the myriad of small business owners,
which are the foundation of almost all national economies, to enhance their
business. Even the tight focus on cash flow on which the one-person shop operates
can see the value in Green Productivity on the shop floor.

A broader value can be gained through clusters or networks of organizations.
They can leverage Green Productivity along a value chain to evolve towards
sustainability, while improving prosperity for the community in which they operate.

This branded approach to support sustainability was developed by the Asian Productivity Organization (the APO). started working with the APO in 2000. Green Productivity was branded for small business with their help as going for the green in 2005, first as a guide for small business manufacturers. After over 50,000 downloads of the first version, Going for the Green evolved into a separate website for small business. In 2010 an online TV platform was added, enabling high end training to be developed on a pay per view basis. GFTG TV offers small business the chance to learn affordably and conveniently. E2M still offers workshops and consulting support tailored for our Fortune 500 clients who are serious about improving productivity by greening their process and products.

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