The race, the carrot and the dare

Lynn Johannson, E2M's president, is frequently asked to write on sustainability,
greening productivity and environmental management matters. She is also an
engaging speaker, with a following in over 20 countries. Her audiences find her
ideas impart real value, delivered with a critical mix of fact and a sense of humour.

The testimonials speak for themselves.

"Needless to say, I was impressed with what you had presented and my strong notion is
that the department has overlooked your salient points ... Have a good trip to Beijing and
do give me a call when you come back."

"I wish to congratulate you for a great performance during our segment of the conference.
All of those participants [in concurrent sessions] do not know what they missed."

"Just a brief note to express our sincere thanks for your participation in our event. Your
ready response to our invitation and your enthusiastic presentation and other contributions
to the seminar were well received."

"We enjoyed having you as a guest speaker and everyone appreciate your excellent
presentation on ISO 14000 and implications to Canadian companies in our industry. Your
presentation accomplished our shared objectives to raise the awareness of ISO 14001 with
members. You were able to respond authoritatively to all questions. Several members told
me they now understand their organizations need to look more closely at ISO 14001."

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She has written over 50 articles, 4 books,
contributed various chapters in books, and edited
many works over the last 20 years.

Additionally, she has served on the Editorial Board
for Environmental Quality Management, a John
Wiley publication, since its introduction in 1991.

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