Connecting to a global green marketplace.

The Registry

The Registry started as a market exchange between small and medium-sized
enterprises, their peers, and larger organizations. Businesses sharing an 'apples to
apples' approach based on standards can enhance the value of a supply chain.

The Registry hosts a marketing board where these entities can exchange
introductory business information based on having a common thread -- the use of
environmental management systems (such as ISO 14001), and other standardized
approaches. In essence it was to accelerate the potential for greening supply chains.

The marketing board does not require an organization to be registered to ISO
14001:2004. The Registry reflects the impartiality of the standard on what is coined
'conformity assessment'. ISO 14001:2004 articulates four acceptable approaches to
demonstrate the presence of a robust and credible management system.
None are better than the other; they are just different. The market decides which
one is appropriate.

The Registry is also a portal to the EnviroReady Report©. This auditing procedure
is the basis of Option 3 within ISO 14001: 2004. Professional accountants wishing to
be able to offer this service can access the learning process through the Registry,
the exclusive provider of the learning process.

Download provided
with permission
from ISO CS

The EnviroReady Report ©

This is a verification option designed specifically for ISO 14001, applying auditing
procedures to confirm the elements of management control that indicate a robust and
credible environmental management system is present. It was designed to reduce one
of the barriers to adoption for small and medium-sized enterprises, without
undermining the value of a systems approach. Larger companies also see its value for
their lower risk divisions and small business suppliers. It represents a confluence of
management system and accounting (auditing) standards.
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