Dalhousie Photographer
Daniel Abriel.

"I enjoyed your seminar and was somewhat taken by surprise by the approach. I had somehow
expected a pitch for huge, grandiose projects. It was thought provoking to realize the impact of
everyone doing a little bit and the cumulative impact of their collective efforts."

"My company is looking at environmental opportunities (internal and external) and your talk
has given me considerable food for thought."

"It was great to hear your presentation this morning and to meet you briefly. Your inspiring message fits very
well with our Department's, and the Office of Economic Development's (sustainable prosperity), goals."

"I personally want to thank you for your input, your attention to our tight timelines and to the manner in which you
engaged with the participating economic development practitioners in this intensive, interactive event. It was a very
worthwhile experience, and by all accounts, a very productive and enjoyable undertaking for all concerned. I look
forward to working with you again."

"Feedback indicated that the information you presented was beneficial as the issue of 'greening' is very important to
a purchaser's job function in the present and the future, and timely, as it positions the organization in a global
economy. The session also provided a much better perspective on environment and economic issues. Your
presentation was well organized, with good use of Power Point, case studies and statistics. Your presentation was
both interesting and professionally done. As the education component is the most important aspect of the
conference, we appreciate your contribution to the overall success of our event."

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