E2M offers half-day and full-day workshops on:
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Confluence Management

Designing for Success: Lessons from Mother Nature, President of the Whole Earth Corporation©

Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001

Green Productivity

Green Procurement

Small Business, Succession and Sustainability

Operationalizing Sustainability

Understanding Small Business as the Customer

Kuala Lumpur

E2M also offers workshops tailored to the specific needs of clients. We suggest the use of the
Chatham House Rule in workshops to promote more productive outcomes.

Comments from Workshop Organizers and Attendees

"You passed with flying colours! I've got a canned letter to send to distinguished speakers, but I'll spare you that.
You gave an excellent presentation, and more importantly got the group involved in the process. Not an easy task
with this lot, but something you are obviously familiar with. Your material really pushes these managers to think
differently than they have before – they are excellent problem solvers, but inexperienced problem definers. I
think you've helped them understand that there are tools and system to establish what problems are -- and hey,
maybe even fix some problems before they occur! My thanks again for all your efforts."